Simple vs Compund Interest

Return Realty is all about Investing in Real Estate. The General statement out there is that Real Estate Investing is all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!. While we believe that Location plays a major factor in real estate investing, the number one factor is, and should always be, your returns!  This brings us to even a bigger problem of how you calculate your returns. The bottom line is that the people who are GETTING RICH IN REAL ESTATE are getting an over 15% COMPOUNDED RETURN on their money investing in Real Estate. The difference between a Compounded Interest return and a SIMPLE Internet return is astronomical! The number one rule in real estate investing is to learn how to calculate and analyze your real estate investments in a compounded fashion as compared to a simple interest fashion. Here’s the difference:

If you invest $20,000, over 20 years, at an COMPOUNDED annual 10% Return, That would equal $134,550.

A SIMPLE INTEREST Return would net you $60,000.

If you invest $20,000, over 20 years, at a COMPOUNDED annual  20% Return, That would equal $766,752

A SIMPLE INTEREST Return would net you $100,000.

As you can see, the difference between COMPOUND INTEREST returns and SIMPLE INTEREST returns is HUGE!!  You need to know what method the people are using when they are selling you properties with certain returns. If your dealing with fix and flips, it is no difference, providing you sell within the first year, bit if you are buying a long term hold, it makes a huge difference. You also want to make sure they are including all the costs that come with owning a rental property, like taxes, insurance, HOA, Property Management, Pool Maintenance, and Landscaping when they are telling you your Return On Investment.

Return Realty factors all of these expenses into their performance, and while NOTHING is guaranteed, We will not offer anything to our Investor Network that we are not fully prepared to take down ourselves!