Platinum Partners RE Investor Networks

Platinum Partners Investor Network Was built by investors, for investors. We are a team of full service real estate professionals which specializes in Real Estate Investing and Education. We have developed several relationships which have allowed us to offer our investors opportunities, sometimes even prior to them ever being offered to the general public. We have strategic relationships with companies across the country to give us access to good investment property’s across the U.S., Canada, and even Mexico, as well as here in Phoenix, AZ.  We have no interest in selling your personal information, so join our network, attend trainings, and network with like minded Investors across the world.

We are building our Network through the “Meetup” Application and currently have two chapters (Phoenix & Cleveland). Click below to learn more about Chapter Trainings, Opportunity Meetings, and Joining.

Platinum Partners RE Investor Network Phoenix

Platinum Partners RE Investor Network Cleveland

Stay tuned as we are adding feet on the ground in more cities across the world!